Beranda English Article High Blood Sufferers Should Avoid This Type Of Drink

High Blood Sufferers Should Avoid This Type Of Drink

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high blood sufferers
high blood sufferers

Hypertension is one of the early signs of the various possibilities of disease that can strike you. Diseases such as heart attack is one of the most feared by the owners of high blood pressure.

According to the Step to Health, to keep the blood pressure does not rise, it’s good that You have high blood pressure avoid some types of drinks.

1. Isotonic Drink

This may be a kind of refreshing drink after a workout because it’s designed for rehydration. One of the ingredients in the drinks of this kind is sodium. Exactly sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium is an ingredient that should be avoided by sufferers of high blood pressure. That’s why these similar drinks should be avoided.

2. Energy drinks

Some research says, this kind of drinks can increase blood pressure in healthy people. People with the condition of high blood pressure should avoid similar drinks.

Energy drink containing taurine and caffeine. It is these substances that may cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. All products that promise can add energy levels definitely contain such ingredients.

In contrast with his own energy drink drinks isotonic. Isotonic drink aims to restore the State of the body after physical exhaustion.

3. Coffee and tea

People who have low blood pressure, it may be advisable to consume the tea and coffee. Converse with those who have high blood.

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages to increase blood pressure. However, without high blood pressure, people should keep away from excessive coffee consumption.

4. Alcohol

In fact, it is unclear why alcohol is able to cause a rise in blood pressure.

However, when there is alcohol in the bloodstream, it will result in interruption of oxygen supply to the heart. When that happens, the heart will trouble got oxygen and must pump harder.


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