Beranda English Article Use These 5 Tips to Make it More Healthy Use Instagram

Use These 5 Tips to Make it More Healthy Use Instagram

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tips to use instagram
tips to use instagram

Instagram became one of the most popular social media at this time. It cannot be denied when Instagram also have adverse effect to its users.

According to the survey conducted by the year 2016 the University of Pittsburgh, according to 1500 young people in the United Kingdom, is instagram the worst social media for health.

However, there are a couple of ways so that play could have been better for Instagram body. Following his tips offered from the Huffington Post:

1. Unfollow account does not make you happy.

It is important to evaluate for yourself which account can give happiness which is not. “For some people, the following account about the design and dekotasi of House may be soothing. But for some others, will make them jealous because their home was not look like it,”said Emily Weinstein, researchers from Harvard University

2. Lift up the positive content.

According to Weinstein, you might be able to create engaging content on Instagram which could be followed by other accounts to make you feel positive.

3. Reminding yourself that they upload are not their real life.

“When we see an example of a model or advertising, we know that man is not real or already on photoshop,” said Primack, the main author of Brain studies of the University of Pittsburgh. “But when you look at your college friends have this beautiful life, you get to know them as real people, so you don’t have to think about the fact that they carefully took out what was there (social media).

4. More frequent uploading, likes, comments, and send a message.

We more often see social media passively rather than actively respond or create your own postings. According to Philippe Verduyn, Assistant Professor of psychology and lead author of the study from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, said, commenting on and put better pictures than doing scrolling without thinking.

5. ask yourself about the reasons you are using Instagram.

According to Oscar Ybarra, Professor of psychology at the University of Michigan said, it would be helpful to analyse exactly why you see Instagram.


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