Beranda English Article Read How the Importance of Storage in Food Packaging

Read How the Importance of Storage in Food Packaging

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storage in food packaging
storage in food packaging

When buying food products such as milk powder, Nuggets, sausages and much more, in one corner of the packaging rendered the way of storage. Unfortunately, not all consumers read them.

“How food storage that’s often overlooked but important,” said the Head of Quality Management of PT Nestle Indonesia, Iwan.

According to Iwan, a way of storage of food products is a form of communication to the manufacturer to the consumer in order to enjoy the product quality. So he recommends that consumers read the way storage food products there are in each package.

“With the way the proper storage, product quality remains the optimum time is consumed. As well as avoid cross-contamination. For example not contaminated from insects, “said Iwan in classroom journalism along with Nestle in Jakarta.

Read the labels

food labels
food labels

In addition to reading how to food storage, be sure to read the important information that is on the label of the food packaging. One of the important dates of expiration.

In addition, there is a date of the end consumption (use by) are listed on food packaging is easily corrupted as pasteurisaasi milk, yoghurt, cream and cheese. There is also the optimum use of the end date (best before) on food packaging that save time over six weeks as drinks, frozen products and ingredients.

Don’t forget to check also the nutritional information that is in any food packaging products.


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