Beranda English Article The Fruit is Better Eaten Directly or Made Into Juice?

The Fruit is Better Eaten Directly or Made Into Juice?

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the fruit
the fruit

Fruits, such as banana, strawberry, melon and plain eaten directly. Alternatively, a more practical fruit usually blended and made into juice. You live to drink fruit juice without having to bother to chew.

The second way of eating these fruits, the fruit is actually quite better eaten straight away. Fruit is chewed very beneficial to the process of absorption of nutrient content in the body, according to Consultant Gastrohepatologi Children, Frieda Handayani Kawanto found in the show “Press Conference closing of Educational children’s Healthy eating habits 2017” in Flowers Rampai Restaurant, Jakarta.

“It’s the nicest fruit chewed (eaten). When chewed, saliva (saliva gland) and enzymes in the mouth will break down the carbohydrates in fruit. The fruit will be easy to digest when you sign in to your digestive tract,” says Frieda.

Rich in fiber, the fiber you would need would be sure when eating fruit. For example, adults need 30 grams of fiber a day. It is equivalent to 6 apples.

Note When the fruit blend

How to eat for better fruit eaten directly, does not mean the content of fruit juice, which are less beneficial to the body. Fruit made juice, content of fibers also absorbed a lot.

However, you should closely look at the fruit of the moment made the juice. It is also associated with a blender or juicer (juicer) used.

“Fruit is blended with high speed, and vitamin levels will be reduced. So, if you want his remains high, preferably, use a slow juicer (low speed), “adds Frieda.


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