Beranda English Article Is it True That Green Tea and Honey Could Relieve Acne?

Is it True That Green Tea and Honey Could Relieve Acne?

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relieve acne
relieve acne

Recently a girl from Las Vegas is busy discussing in social media due to her uploads around acne problems. Offered from the Independent, Hilda Paz Robles 17-year old told me that her face is recovering from terrible acne, just by using a simple herb i.e. the green tea and honey.

Hilda reveals that her face is experiencing severe enough inflammation due to an enlarged pimple and flushed. Himself confessed to having tried drinking green tea mixed with a little honey for three times in a week, she started to feel there is a change against the skin of her face.

Natural Mask

Since that Hilda routinely do trying natural treatments using his own mask. In addition to the drink, he is rubbing green tea that is already mixed with honey to the shape of the pasta to the face. In order to infuse the mask only for 30 minutes to two hours. After that face rinsed with water use.

Routine Maintenance

According to Hilda if this treatment is done on a regular basis, then the results obtained are really amazing. The content of antioxidants found in green tea is able to brighten and protect the skin from free radicals so it is very effective for treating skin conditions face breakouts.

While honey is known to have the ability to reduce redness, soothing inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria. Dare to try it?


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