Beranda English Article Alert, 7 This Trivia Could Be a Sign of a Brain Tumor

Alert, 7 This Trivia Could Be a Sign of a Brain Tumor

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ilustration of a brain tumor
ilustration of a brain tumor

Brain tumor appeared in a variety of sizes and shapes, so do the symptoms.

“Key of simtom brain tumor depends on its location, ” said Theodore Schwartz, MD, a physician of neurosurgery from Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, alerts you of Prevention.

For example, if you have a tumor near the part of the brain that control hand or vision, the simtom will appear weakened limbs or sight is blurred, said Schwartz.

When we imagine that every cell in the brain can form a tumor–and the brain control and translates information from all parts of the body–a list of symptoms of a brain tumor could be just about anything, go Schwartz.

Alert, 7 This Trivia Could Be a Sign of a Brain Tumor

However, some symptoms and simton there are more common than others. Here are some symptoms of a brain tumor that should you beware:

1. Seizure

Whatever your type of tumor, seizures is often a sign of danger. “Irritation resulting from tumors make uncontrolled burning brain nerves. And you will get the abnormal movement,”says Schwartz.

Such as brain tumors, seizures can also appear in many ways. You can experience spasms throughout the body, or only on one part of the body or face.

2. Faux Pas

If we so often stumble, dropping stuff, or hard to insert the key into the hole, this could be a sign of danger, obvious Schwartz.

Difficulty speaking, swallowing, facial expression or control is also a form of carelessness that could be caused by the appearance of a tumor in the brain.

3. Nausea

Feeling of nausea or abdominal pain, especially if simtom this happens constantly and without reason, it could be a sign of a tumor, says Schwartz.

4. Numbness

If there are areas in the body or the face of a sudden numbness, it also needs to look out for, further Schwartz. Especially if the tumor is formed on the brain stem, where the brain is connected to the spine.

This can cause numbness or you make your movements so uncontrollable so impressed sloppy.

5. Changes in memory or thought

Although it is true the tumor of the brain can change a person’s personality, or behavior changes drastically as it is often portrayed in the film are rare, obviously Schwartz.

People who have tumors tend to have problems with memory so, feel confused, or having a problem another thought that is not too dramatic, he added.

6. Change of vision

Mengshan, dual view (see objects so it’s like there are two or more), and vision loss is also associated with brain tumors.

You can also see the spots or certain shape hovering commonly known as “aura’s” in your vision.

7. unusual headaches

Although many people believe, the headaches often is not an indication of tumor. “They could appear together with a very large tumor, but usually is not early symptoms of headache, ” says Schwartz.

The cause of the tumor

What causes a tumor? Schwartz says, some genetic deviation arising that could culminate in a brain tumor.

“But most of the tumor appeared on people who do not have risk factors, ” details.

Children and adults over 60 years more at risk of having the tumor, but it’s “all men are at risk at any age, ” added Schwartz.

Anything you’ve ever heard, cell phones are not considered as risk factors. “It is a common misconception, but there is no evidence to suggest a relationship between cell phones and tumors, ” details.

For large and malignant tumors, the response may include surgery, drug administration, radiation, or chemotherapy.

The good news: not all that serious brain tumor. “Many small tumors and benign, and do not require treatment, “says Schwartz. “If we found them, we will only monitor whether the tumor that enlarged or changed.”


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